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Proprietors Guild is designed to offer a community for brands, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, makers and influencers. Through retreats and online resources, we believe in the importance of surrounding yourself with individuals who strive to build and encourage the interests of others while finding their own success. Our hope is to provide intentional and actionable programming tailored to develop a community for success.


To anchor your brand to a greater purpose thus creating a strong foundation for continued and sustainable growth.

To establish meaningful connections with the right audiences allowing for authentic marketing and messaging.

To equip with effective strategies to tackle topics to increase brand awareness, engage your market, expand your reach and ultimately ensure selling success.

To cultivate community and bridge the gap between brands and influencers to work for the greater good.


Tiffany Denson - Proprietors Guild

Tiffany Denson

Strategist & Consultant

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Christina Dandar - Proprietors Guild

Christina Dandar

The Potted Boxwood

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“Attend one Proprietors Guild Virtual Retreat and it’ll leave you wanting more! The wealth of knowledge in this community of brands and influencers is unlike any workshop of its kind. I’ve learned so much already and I can’t wait for this next retreat!”

Megan Conlon

Megan Conlon Blog

"As an influencer, the Proprietors Guild provided me with valuable insight on the influencer/business partnership.

Sessions with business owners enabled me to view collaboration from a different perspective.  I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to grow their business as a content creator."

Laurin Collar

Collar Find

"Proprietor’s Guild first retreat including first-hand knowledge from women-owned businesses on influencer marketing, insights into social media and how they run their businesses.  I can’t wait for the next one to learn more and connect with these women again!”

Ann Johnston

Hyde Forty-Seven

"I found the first Proprietors Guild a great learning experience! I took tips given during the conference and was easily able to implement them into my business.”

Christine Storch

Dashing Trappings

"Our team greatly benefited from Proprietor’s Guild, the virtual retreat was extremely informative! It was great getting to hear from successful entrepreneurs and learn about how they became successful. We would recommend this to anyone looking to gain more knowledge about using social media to your advantage. We can’t wait to attend more in the future! ”

Brantlee Hawk

Carmen Johnston Gardens

"As a new brand, I found The Proprietors Guild to be a beneficial resource for networking and mentorship. The recent retreat pulled back the proverbial curtain on Instagram/Social Media, how to work with influencers and how to develop meaningful partnerships.  I received valuable feedback and actionable items for my brand, which I was able to immediately implement.

I would absolutely recommend (and have recommended) The Proprietors Guild for brands wanting to take their business to the next level, regardless of their size. 

Anne Bishop

The Curated Coupe